Accepted name: Dendrochilum edentulum Blume, Bijdr.: 399 (1825)

Subgenus – XX. Section – XX.




Platyclinis edentula (Blume) Benth. ex Hemsl., Gard. Chron., n.s., 16: 656 (1881).

Acoridium edentulum (Blume) Rolfe, Orchid Rev. 12: 220 (1904).


Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


1300-2100 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species has been recorded on Gunung Salak and Gunung Halimun where it was growing in moist forest.


The Plants Description


The pseudobulbs cluster on a short rhizome and are spaced 0.5cm-1.0cm apart. The pseudobulbs are shaped terete. The pseudobulbs measure 2cm long and 0.5cm in diameter. The leaves are petiolate; the petiole measures c1.5cm long. The leaf blades are shaped lanceolate and measure c10cm long and c1.5cm wide.


The Inflorescence


The inflorescence is synanthous and appears from developed pseudobulbs. The inflorescence measures 20cm long.


The Flowers


The flowers are yellow-green (Blume 1825). The sepals are shaped ovate and measure 2-3mm long. The petals are slightly shorter, shaped oval with obtuse apices. The petal margins are erose. The labellum is entire and shaped ovate with an obtuse apex. There are two indistinct keels that are connected at the base by a transverse ridge. The apical hood has a four dentate margin. The stelidia grow outwards from the middle of the column. The stelidia are equal to the column apex.


Herbarium Specimens




National Herbarium Netherlands, Leiden (L)


Specimen L0058443 (photo)


Other herbarium specimens


National Herbarium Netherlands, Leiden (L)


Specimen L0322459

Specimen L0322460

Specimen L0322461

Specimen L0322462

Specimen L0322463


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (K)


Specimen K000364952




I could find no record.


Flowering Season


Flowering plants have been collected during February (Blume 1825), July (Blume 1825), August and October.




I do not think this species is in cultivation


Similar Species


Dendrochilum ventricosum (see this page for the differences)


Other Information


This is the smallest Dendrochilum on Java.




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