Below are links and contact details of sites that you might find useful.


  • has a forum that is the friendliest I have been involved with. There is no pretence from the species-specific community and all new members are made to feel welcome and ask questions. There is a good section on Dendrochilum, however all other orchid species are represented in a way that is very user friendly.


  • The National Herbarium in the Netherlands is a particuarly good one for all species of the Malesian region. The herbarium have live plants in their Hortus Botanicus of many species that are otherwise unknown in general cultivation. The website has a great collection of photographs. The team at Leiden are great contributors in orchid research.
  • Kew Botanical Gardens. Kew have a user friendly section on orchids with listings of all of their herbarium specimens. A lot of work has been done by Kew on Dendrochilum and species of the Malesian region.

Other useful online sources of information

  • Swiss Orchid Foundation (SOF). The SOF have provided a lot of information for this website. The SOF have an excellent database of photos and herbarium specimens covering all orchid genera.
  • Eric Hunt's orchid photos. Eric produces exceptional photos and places them on his website.
  • Just Tropicals offers information about all orchid genera and species. There are many great photographs accompanied by quality information about how the plants can be grown and their natural habitat.
  • Dokmai Garden, Chang Mai, Thailand. This website was set up early 2011 and is a focus on Thailand's native orchids. Many of Thailand's orchids are threatened with extinction and are not even safe within national parks. The Dokami Garden Orchid Park is a safe place where many of Thailand's 1100 species of orchids will be able to grow therefore conserving them.
  • First Nature is a website focused on British native species and is a great resource for British orchids. Sue Parker and Pat O' Reilly have written books on European orchids and their knowledge on the subject is evident with the quality of information on the site.

Study Groups

United Kingdom

  • The Wales Orchid Study Group meet monthly and have guest speakers talking about orchids. The group put on a show every September and welcome people to their meetings and their show.
  • The Bristol and West of England Orchid Society (BWEOS) is one of the UK's largest regional orchid societies.  It has been in existence for over 60 years.


    Its meetings usually take place on the second Saturday afternoon of each month, in the Good Shepherd Hall in King's Drive, Bishopston, Bristol.  There are a wide range of interesting talks, activities, plant shows and judging. 


    The BWEOS hopes to have its website developed in the first half of next year.  Anyone interested in joining the Society can telephone the president, Peter Ball, at 01275 372147, or the secretary, John Hale, at  01453 822693.  Alternatively email John at johnhale007 @  Family membership costs only £10 annually. (spaces have been added to the above email address to prevent spam)

Where to buy Dendrochilum

United Kingdom

  • Malcolm Perry has the largest collection of Dendrochilum for sale in the UK. I have purchased many species from Malcolm. Malcolm also has a large collection of Coelogyne and Bulbophyllum and can source many other unusual species. Malcolm Perry lives not far from Bristol and can be visited by appointment. Contact Malcolm on +44 (0) 1454 773055.
  • Equatorial Plants which is run by Richard Warren attend many shows in the UK and sell a wide selection of Dendrochilum species. Equatorial Plants sell Dendrochilum and many other species from flask.


  • David P Banks of has a collection of Dendrochilum amongst many other species. David has a personal collection of Dendrochilum (60+ species) and has contributed to this website. David has written articles on this genus, seen them in the wild and is editor of the Australian Orchid Review. In 2009 David was honoured by having Dendrochilum banksii named after him.

United States of America

  • Marni Turkel of Stony Point Ceramic Design sells a large selection of Dendrochilum including species not seen for sale elsewhere in the states. Marni has contributed to this website and provided the only known photograph I have seen of Dendrochilum irigense, a species also for sale.


I can be contacted by email, mail @ or on the species-specific forum.

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Trey Sanders