Accepted name: Dendrochilum quinquangulare J.J.Sm., Blumea 5: 305 (1943)

Subgenus – Platyclinis. Section – Platyclinis.






Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


2700–3500 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species has been collected from Mount Leuser in the Gayo Highlands in Aceh Province. The habitat was recorded as being in a valley and on rocks on the mountain’s summit. This species has also been recorded as growing on rocks in grassland on the summit of Goh Lembuh. Some plants found on Goh Lembuh had smaller measurements than those found on Mount Leuser.


The Plants Description


The rhizome is creeping and the pseudobulbs are set at an acute angle to it. The pseudobulbs are shaped narrowly ovoid and measure 1.2-2.5cm long. The leaves are petiolate; the petiole measures 1.0-1.2cm long. The leaf blades are shaped linear-lanceolate and have obtuse apices that are apiculate in their centre. The leaf blades measure 6.75-8.25cm long and 0.6-0.8cm wide. There are 5-7 distinct nerves on the blade.


The Inflorescence


The inflorescence is synanthous and emerges before the pseudobulbs have developed. The peduncle is erect and measures 5-11cm long. The rachis is flexuose, laterally compressed and measures 3-7.5cm long. The flowers are spaced 3.5-9mm apart.


The Flowers


J.J. Smith wrote that between 9 and 18 flowers grow on an inflorescence (Smith 1943). The dorsal sepal is shaped oblong, is 5-angled and has an acute to apiculate apex. The dorsal sepal measures 6.4mm long and 2.6mm wide. The dorsal sepal is three veined and concave. The lateral sepals are shaped obliquely ovate-triangular, subfalcate, and have acute to acuminate apices. The lateral sepals measure 6.4mm long and 3mm wide. The lateral sepals are three veined. The petals are shaped obliquely rhomboid and have acute apices. The petals measure 5.5mm long and 3.4mm wide. The petals are three veined.  The labellum is entire (inconspicuously 3-lobed). The labellum is shaped broadly five angled, narrowed in its upper third and has an obtuse apex. The labellum is three veined and has erose margins basally. The labellum measures 4.5mm long and 4.75mm wide. The column measures 3.75mm long and is club shaped. The apical hood is barely 1mm long and is more or less 4-lobed. The stelidia grow from the middle of the column and are shorter than the column apex. The stelidia measure 0.5mm long, are shaped triangular and have acute apices.


Herbarium Specimens




I could not locate the specimen, is it in Leiden?





National Herbarium Netherlands (L)


Specimen L0058477 (photo)




I could find no record


Flowering Season


Flowering plants have been collected in the wild during January and February.




I do not think this species is in cultivation.


Similar Species




Other Information


J.J. Smith wrote that this species can be distinguished by its broad, nearly entire labellum.




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