Accepted name: Dendrochilum pholidotoides J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, III, 5: 60 (1922)

Subgenus – Platyclinis. Section – Eurybrachium.






Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


1600 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species has been collected from Bukit Niru, Laras Talang


The Plants Description


The rhizomes are long and branch freely and have pseudobulbs spaced 1.4cm apart along them. The pseudobulbs are shaped narrowly ovoid and measure 0.5-1.8cm long. The leaves are petiolate, the petiole measures 1cm long. The leaf blades are shaped lanceolate and have shortly acute and apiculate apices. The leaf blades measure 6.25-8cm long and 0.9-1.2cm wide.


The Inflorescence


The inflorescence is synanthous and grows at the same time as the leaves. The peduncle measures 8cm long. The rachis grows in a zig-zag formation and measures 7cm long. The flowers are spaced 3.5mm apart.


The Flowers


The flowers are a light green colour and are very small, measuring 4mm in diameter. The dorsal sepal is shaped oval and has a rounded, concave apex. The dorsal sepal measures 3.5mm long and 2.25mm wide. The lateral sepals are shaped obliquely ovate and have obtuse, concave apices. The lateral sepals are slightly longer than the dorsal sepal and are held partially against and underneath the labellum. The petals are shaped oblique, nearly oval and have obtuse and concave apices. The petals measure 3mm long and 2.25mm wide. The labellum is 3-lobed and measures 3.4mm long and 4mm wide. The side lobes have rounded to truncate apices with erose margins except at their bases. The mid-lobe is broader than it is long and has a rounded apex; the margins at its apex are irregular. The column measures 2mm long, the apical hood is small and hidden behind the anther cap. The stelidia grow from the middle of the column and point sideways not upwards.


Herbarium Specimens




National Herbarium Netherlands (L)


Specimen L0058722 (photo)






Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K)


Specimen K000078220 (photo)

Specimen K000078221 (drawing)

Specimen 58429.000

Specimen K000078222 (drawing)




Specimen 98794 (photo)




I could find no record


Flowering Season


Flowering plants have been collected in the wild during November.




I do not think this species is in cultivation


Similar Species




Other Information


J.J. Smith considered this species to be an intermediate between Pholidota and Dendrochilum; he wrote the name Pholidota dendrochiloides on the Bogor specimen although this name was never published.




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