Accepted name: Dendrochilum ovatum J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, III, 5: 47 (1922)

Subgenus – Platyclinis. Section – Eurybrachium.

This photo was taken by the late Jim Comber and bequeathed to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. The photo is reproduced with permission from the Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.





Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


1,000 - 1,800 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species was originally collected along the Medan to Berastagi road, south west of Bandar Baru. Jim Comber wrote that he found this species growing at 1800 meters on Mount Sibuatan growing as an epiphyte in montane forest (Comber 2001).


The Plants Description


The pseudobulbs grow close together along a short rhizome. The pseudobulbs are shaped terete and measure 5cm long. The leaves are petiolate; the petioles measure 1-2cm long. The leaf blades are shaped narrowly lanceolate and measure 20cm long and 2.5cm wide.


The Inflorescence


The inflorescence is synanthous and develops at the same time as the leaves. The peduncle measures 13cm long and the rachis measures 15cm long. The flowers are spaced 4mm apart. The bracts are ovate and have erose margins apically.


The Flowers


The flowers are an apricot colour and are pale yellow basally. The dorsal sepal is shaped oblong and has an acute apex. The dorsal sepal measures 6mm long and 2.4mm wide. The lateral sepals are shaped obliquely ovate-oblong and gradually narrow to acute shaped apices. The lateral sepals measure 6.4mm long and 2.4mm wide. The petals are shaped ovate-oblong and have acute apices. The petals measure 5.75mm long and 2.4mm wide. The petals have erose margins in their upper sections.  The labellum is entire, shaped ovate and has an acute apex. The labellum measures 5.3mm long and 3mm wide. The margin near the apex is erose, the rest is entire. There are three keels on the labellum; the two outermost keels are larger and longer. The column measures 1.8mm long; the apical hood is short and has an obtuse apex. The stelidia emerge from above the middle of the column and do not reach the column apex. The stelidia are short, broad and have obtuse apices.


Herbarium Specimens




National Herbarium Netherlands (L)


Specimen L0058683 (photo)



Other herbarium specimens


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K)


Specimen 61485.000

Specimen 55887.000




I could find no record


Flowering Season


Flowering plants have been collected in the wild during January and October.




I do not think this species is in cultivation


Similar Species


Dendrochilum brachyotum


Other Information


J.J. Smith wrote that this species is similar to Dendrochilum brachyotum but differs by its longer pseudobulbs, its labellum, broader stelidia and different keels.


Reference -


COMBER, J.B. Orchids of Sumatra, 2001, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew


World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 03 November 2008. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 03 November 2008.