Accepted name: Dendrochilum lumakuense J.J.Wood in J.J.Wood & P.J.Cribb, Check-list Orchids Borneo: 184 (1994).

Subgenus – Platyclinis. Section – Platyclinis.






Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


1830 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species has only been collected once on Mount Lumaku in the Sipitang District. The habitat has been described as lower montane forest. The plant was found growing in the canopy of a 15 metre tree growing in 80% sun.


The Plants Description


The pseudobulbs cluster on a rhizome, the rhizome can grow to 5cm long. The pseudobulbs are shaped ovoid or oblong and measure 0.8-1.5cm long and 0.6-1.0cm in diameter. The pseudobulbs are covered by 3 cataphylls while they are growing. The cataphylls disintegrate into fibres as the pseudobulbs mature. The leaves are petiolate; the petiole measures 0.5-1.0cm long. The leaf blades are shaped oblong-elliptic, ligulate and have subacute apices that are minutely apiculate. The leaf blades measure 3.0-5.0cm long and 0.7-0.8cm wide. The blades are thinly coriaceous to rigid and have 5-7 distinct veins along their length.


The Inflorescence


The inflorescence is synanthous. The peduncle is erect to gently curved and measures 3.5-4.0cm long. The rachis is gently curved and measures 8.0-18.0cm long. The rachis is quadrangular in cross-section. The flowers alternate distichously and are spaced 2.0-2.5mm apart. There are no non floriferous bracts at the base of the rachis. The field notes state that the flowers all open at once.


The Flowers


The flower colour is green. The dorsal sepal is shaped linear-oblong and has an acute apex. The dorsal sepal measures 7.0-8.0mm long and 1.0-1.2mm wide. The dorsal sepal is three veined and has an entire margin. The lateral sepals are shaped linear-lanceolate, subfalcate and have acute apices. The lateral sepals measure 6.5-7.0mm long and 1.0-1.2mm wide. The lateral sepals are three veined and have entire margins. The petals are shaped narrowly oblong-elliptic, spathulate and have acute apices. The petals measure 6.0-6.8mm long and 1.8-2.0mm wide. The petals are three veined and have entire margins. The labellum is three veined and entire. The labellum measures 3.0-3.1mm long and 1.1-1.2mm wide. The labellum is shaped oblong subpandurate and has an obtuse apex. There are two papillose keels that are not joined at the base. The keels terminate ¾ along the length of the labellum. The labellum is papillose between the keels. The column is gently incurved and measures 2.0mm long. The column foot is short. The apical hood is elongated and has an irregularly toothed margin. The stelidia grow upwards from the middle of the column and are equal to the column apex. The stelidia are shaped narrowly elliptic or obliquely oblong, falcate and have acute apices.


Herbarium Specimens




Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K)


Specimen 60718.000






Flowering Season


The only flowering plant known was collected during December




I do not think this species is in cultivation


Similar Species


Dendrochilum tenompokense

Dendrochilum dewindtianum


Other Information


This species is similar to Dendrochilum tenompokense but differs by its entire labellum which looks similar to the subgenus Dendrochilum. The lower margin of the stigmatic cavity is not bilobed.


Jeffrey Wood wrote that this species resembles Dendrochilum dewindtianum but differs by the flower colour and entire oblong-pandurate labellum (Wood 1997).


The epithet refers to the type locality.




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