Accepted name: Dendrochilum leuserense J.J.Wood & J.B.Comber, Lindleyana 10: 62 (1995)

Subgenus – Platyclinis.
Section – Platyclinis.






Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


2300 metres


Habitat in the Wild


This species has only been collected from Aceh Province on the west side of Mount Leuser. The holotype was recorded as growing in the open amongst sandy or stony places.


The Plants Description


The pseudobulbs cluster on a short rhizome. The pseudobulbs are shaped ovoid and measure 2.1cm long and 1cm in diameter. The leaves are petiolate; the petiole measures 0.2-2.8cm long. The leaf blades are shaped elliptic and have subacute apices. The leaf blades have a leathery texture, measure 4.5-12cm long and 1.2-2.8cm wide.


The Inflorescence


The peduncle is erect and measures 8-13cm long. The rachis is a pale brown colour and measures 14-20cm long.


The Flowers


Approximately 50 flowers are recorded as growing on an inflorescence. The flowers are a bright greenish-yellow colour. The dorsal sepal is shaped narrowly lanceolate and has an acuminate to acute apex. The dorsal sepal measures 7.8mm long and 1.7mm wide. The lateral sepals are shaped lanceolate and have acuminate to acute apices. The lateral sepals measure 7.8mm long and 2.6mm wide. The petals are shaped lanceolate and have acuminate to acute apices. The petals measure 7mm long and 2.1mm wide. The petals have a few scattered papillae at their bases. The labellum is 3-lobed. The labellum measures 6.9mm long and 2.4mm wide. The side lobes are small, shaped triangular and have acute apices, their margins are minutely erose. The mid-lobe is shaped lanceolate and has an acuminate apex. There are 2 keels that run from the labellum’s base and terminate at the base of the epichile. There are 2 keels on each side lobe. The column is curved and measures 3.5mm long. The apical hood has a truncate apex with erose margins. The stelidia grow from the middle of the column and do not reach the column apex. The stelidia are shaped narrowly triangular and have obtuse apices.


Herbarium Specimens




National Herbarium Netherlands (L)


Specimen L0058434 (photo)


Other herbarium specimens


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (K)


Specimen 63263.000




I could find no record


Flowering Season


Flowering plants have been collected in the wild during April.




I do not think this species is in cultivation


Similar Species


Dendrochilum dewindtianum


Other Information


Jim Comber wrote that this species is similar to Dendrochilum dewindtianum in flower detail but differs by not having a furry dorsal sepal and peduncle. The apex of the mid-lobe is acuminate and there are 2 keels on the mid-lobe, not 3.




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