Accepted name: Dendrochilum alboviride J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, III, 5: 29 (1922)

Subgenus – Dendrochilum








Origin in the Wild




Elevation in the Wild


I could find no record of this species elevation.


Habitat in the Wild


Collected from Mount Dempo in Southern Sumatra.


The Plants Description


The inflorescence is long and branching and a pale yellow-green colour. The pseudobulbs are spaced 3-7cm apart along the rhizome. The pseudobulbs are shaped oblong. The pseudobulbs measure 1.5-3.0cm long and 5.0-8.5mm in diameter. The leaves are shaped lanceolate, with apiculate apices. The leaves are narrowed at their bases. The leaf blades measure 9.5-11.0cm long and 1.5-2.25cm wide.


The Inflorescence


The peduncle measures 8-11mm long and the rachis measures 6.0-9.5cm long. The flowers alternate and are spaced 2mm apart. There are several non-floriferous bracts at the base of the rachis, the bracts appear imbricate.


The Flowers


The flowers are yellowish-white and measure 4mm across. The column is white. The dorsal sepal is shaped oblong with an obtuse and incurved apex. The dorsal sepal measures 3.7mm long and 1.0mm wide. The lateral sepals are shaped obliquely oblong and almost falcate with obtuse apices. The lateral sepals are recurved above their bases. The lateral sepals measure 3.0mm long and 1.1mm wide. The petals are erect and parallel to the column, shaped spathulate and falcate. The petals measure 2.8mm long and 0.375mm wide. The labellum is entire and recurved, the labellum narrows in its middle and is widest at its base. There are two keels running most of the length of the labellum. The column measures 1.5mm long. The stelidia grow from above the middle of the column and do not reach the apical hood.




Jim Comber mentioned that this species is scented (Comber 2001).


Flowering Season


I could find no records.




I do not think this species is in cultivation.


Similar species


Dendrochilum panduratum

Dendrochilum pallidiflavens


Additional Comments


I have found information on this species hard to find. Jim Comber wrote that this species is close to Dendrochilum panduratum but has broader leaves, semi-orbicular bracts and the lip is broader at its base not the apex. It is similar to Dendrochilum pallidiflavens.


Reference -


COMBER, J.B. Orchids of Sumatra, 2001, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew


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