I have an interest in the genus Dendrochilum and even though I like all orchid genera it is Dendrochilum that I prefer. I decided to create this website because of the very limited and often incorrect information available on the internet. I have had a lot of valuable support from various people in getting this website together, particularly with the use of their photos. This is a website I hope you will enjoy browsing through.


A frustration I have had with Dendrochilum pictures seen on the internet and plants offered for sale is that there are a lot of mislabelled Dendrochilum. Many species have been incorrectly identified such as Dendrochilum arachnites with D. javierii and D. wenzelii. The object of this website is to act as a reference for this genus; to give users information on each Dendrochilum species and hopefully raise more interest in this fascinating orchid genus. I have tried to gather as many original descriptions as I can and use them on this site. I am not a taxonomist and I often reference the works of Oakes Ames, Henrik Pedersen, Jim Comber, Jeffrey Wood, J.J Smith and Jim Cootes.


Within this website each species is listed alphabetically and has its own page. Each species is described with its full, currently accepted name, accepted subgenera and section at the top of each page. I have tried to make each description as simple to read as possible. There is a glossary provided within this website to make the descriptions simple to read and to help understand the terminologies used.






If you have feedback, suggestions or need help identifying a dendrochilum species, please contact me at mail @ dendrochilum.com. (I have added spaces in between the words to prevent getting spammed)

Trey Sanders

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